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Finally our First game come to Life!. Dr. FluX! An adventure Game for iOS and Android.

Dr. FluX

The battle between humans and disease has been the most eternal of all. Bacteria and viruses attack us, our own body betrays us, our technology and cosmic foods can trigger anger ... well, you understand. But we defend ourselves with everything we have.

This battle for survival is led by a super hero ... well, a human? ... Okay, a brave antibody called Dr. Flux who puts his life at risk to study, analyze and confront one of the most powerful troops disease; viruses. And if you!, yes you! are one of the most valuable defenders. Dr. Flux'll help your agility and courage in this fight against the elusive virus.

Coding Soon...

We love technology, which is why we work daily with ideas outside of the ordinary looking for another perspective to maintain our creativity afloat.
We want to solve problems, entertain, teach and especially transmitting knowledge.

We love doing community, we love open source, share, learn and above all have fun. We will continue working to bring you the best products, we appreciate your trust and downloads. They encourage us to continue working. Want to join? send us an email...

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In ‪#‎dPeluCheStudios‬ We love the Open Source, do community and collaboration.
For these reasons we will share scripts and projects that we develop.
Hoping help other studios and developers.

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Just as Michael Jordan, we believe in teamwork. And we rely on that thought to build our team.

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